Class 11-12 IIT NEET

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What will you get?

Regular Live Lectures

Live lectures from top faculties delivered through satellite classrooms. Two- way interactive satellite conferencing establishes an academic connect between the students and the teachers.

Personalised Lectures and Customised Modules

Personalized learning allows catering to the unique needs of each student. Course with a personalised lectures, customised study modules, study materials, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence based test assessments ensuring the best learning experience.

Study Material

Continuous access to the mobile application and supplementary academic resources matches the learning pace of each child making space for doubt clearance and regular revisions. Notes, Assignments, customised test modules, formula sheets, personalized lectures are shared on the student’s portal which could be accessed though app. Also, free books solutions of NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal and HC Verma.

ML Backed Assessment

Newer teaching methods and latest technology guarantees the usage of best educational techniques for the students. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence backed tests and assessment units create a truly personalised learning experience.

Active Courses

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One to one Lectures

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