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Edukiran aims at providing quality education to students in rural areas and underdeveloped countries at a level that is at par with that of urban cities in developed nations. We believe that students have the right to quality education irrespective of their location. We want to provide them excellent education at the comfort of their home towns. To achieve this we connect students with qualified, experienced and competent teachers through live classrooms. Our team has people from reputed institutes like IIT , Delhi University , Jamia ,Akash, FIItjee, Orchid, Oasis and other prominent institutes. We also provide helpful data to every student that can be accessed through our web portal or a mobile application wherein we add regularly recorded lectures, assignments, tests and tailor-made lectures for each student. Individual one to one sessions are held for each student if needed.


Distinguishing features

  • Lessons are delivered by experienced faculty from reputed institutes
  • The classes are aired live, enabling a two-way communication between students & teachers
  • Personalised attention is given to every student
  • Dedicated mentors from IITs, AIIMS and medical colleges ensure overall guidance of each student
  • Doubt clearance is available 24*7 through the app and WhatsApp
  • Regular discussion with parents enables overall development & tracking of progress
  • Regular assignments are given to the students
  • Personalised tests are designed according to weak concepts of individual students, followed by detailed discussion, to provide tailored assessment experience for each learner
  • Suitable plans are provided per chapter for school tests
  • Detailed notes are provided for each topic
  • Individual one-to-one sessions are held for each student if needed

Our Team

Syed Azam Hussain
Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder

Dr. Syed Azam Hussain is a leading faculty member of Orchid Institute; and is also a visiting faculty in AVTE, a reputed institute in New Delhi. He has trained more than 3000 students for over a decade and has proven track record of delivering result in CBSE, ICSE, JEE and NEET. As an active researcher in Theoretical Physics, Dr. Syed Azam Hussain has a deep well of understanding and expertise to draw on, so that every lesson is enriched, and every student might be inspired.

Nishkarsh Bareja
Chief Marketing Officer / Co-Founder

Sehban Alam
Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Sehban Alam’s various skill trainings are the most noteworthy resource. Certified from various places like San Francisco State University, University of New South Wales, Google and HCL etc, which helps him to deliver quality information technology solutions in real time. These are also the reasons why EDUKIRAN considered him as a reliable and right partner for all technical requirements. The future holds lot of promises for him.

Aiman Nissar Mahajan
Content Strategist - Education

Aiman Nissar Mahajan is pursuing her Bachelors in Pharmacy from DIPSAR, Delhi. She is an avid reader and a prolific writer and poet. She strongly believes that everyone is blessed with gifts which, when harnessed the right way can help make this world more vibrant. Her beliefs and keen interest in science has lead her to work with EDUKIRAN in imparting quality knowledge.